Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let's play at the Filter Building

We've been crazy busy getting geared up for the wedding. Who know there was so much that had to be done? Someone should really write a book about all this stuff.....oh what? They have? There's like a 1,000 of them?!?! Oh.....nope, didn't read them. Ok, well I skimmed one.

So we're just doing our own thing and figuring it out for ourselves. It's been a blast and alot of fun working together and with our friends and families to pull this all together.

This weekend, we met with our super talented photographer and shot on over to the Filter Building to snap a few renegade pics of the location with my phone. This one above is my absolute favorite! Dylan was just standing on a ledge looking over the empty parking lot. He's so good at what he does.

On the other side of the building is this beautiful lake view. If we're lucky, this will be the where the ceremony will take place. So everyone put on your festive clothing and start doing your happy pretty weather dances. Please submit videos to my email writepamelamichelle (AT!) gmail (DOT) com. K, thanks. We will play these at the reception.

Love love love the 1920's brick on the exterior. The pot with the wrapped hose is a lovely touch.

And our favorite part of our photo trip was seeing this large wood blah blah! It's just awesome. Come see it in person at the wedding, and you too can take a pic of it to post on your blog.

Cheers to you, and see you soon.

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